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Please use the contact form below for an updated list of available dates and options.  Be certain to let us know the following:

  • Town / State of your event.   Often we do multiple events per day, so once we take our first couple events on any given day, the ability to "add" more is directly related to location.  We do events in RI, CT, MA and areas of NY, NJ, NH and ME.  So we can be ANYWHERE on any day!

  • Type of event you are Hosting (i.e. Kids Birthday Party, School Fun Day,  Summer Camp event, Family Fun Event etc)

  • "Ball park" number of Kids ( i.e.  We do events for groups as small as 8 and as large as 600+  Let us know about how many you are thinking you will  have)

  • Date or Approximate Date & Day of the Week? (i.e. Are you looking for a weekday night?  Weekend afternoon?  etc.

We do events ~ indoors and outdoors ~ all year long !

We take reservations up to a year in advance!

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